Celebration Cakes

We love to make cakes for all occasions whether it be birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, communions, holidays, or corporate events. We offer a beautiful selection of decorated, personalized celebration cakes for any occasion. Each cake is designed and decorated to your specifications and any design detail or color can be adapted to compliment your party theme and can be made in single or multiple tiers. Celebration cakes require 30 days advance notice, although depending on the size and complexity of your cake, we may require further advance notice.
  • Military Tank Cake
    Military Tank Cake
  • Angry Birds Cake
    Angry Birds Cake
  • Suitcase Cake
    Suitcase Cake
  • Banner Cake
    Banner Cake
  • Little Piggy Cake
    Little Piggy Cake
  • Princess Cake
    Princess Cake
  • Golf Cake
    Golf Cake
  • Halloween Cake
    Halloween Cake
  • Elephant Cake
    Elephant Cake
  • Piano Cake
    Piano Cake
  • Russian Doll Cake
    Russian Doll Cake
  • Fisherman Cake
    Fisherman Cake
  • Torres Select branded cake
    Torres Select branded cake
  • Choo Choo Train Cake
    Choo Choo Train Cake
  • Girl’s Communion Cake
    Girl’s Communion Cake
  • Carousel Cake
    Carousel Cake
  • Baby Princess Cake
    Baby Princess Cake
  • Parachuting Over Barcelona Cake
    Parachuting Over Barcelona Cake
  • Hello Kitty Cake
    Hello Kitty Cake
  • Formula One Cake
    Formula One Cake
  • Boy’s Christening Cake
    Boy’s Christening Cake
  • Batman Cake
    Batman Cake
  • Children’s Whale Cake
    Children’s Whale Cake
  • Round Gift Box Cake
    Round Gift Box Cake
  • Girl’s Christening Cake
    Girl’s Christening Cake
  • Stunning Red Flower Cake
    Stunning Red Flower Cake
  • Two-tier Daisy Cake
    Two-tier Daisy Cake